Whether its 'get up and go' to motivate or 'relax & unwind' to calm the body & mind, I have always been amazed at the power of aroma in creating memories & evoking feelings within us.

Inspired by the love of a fresh & fragrant home, transformed with lavish aromas sweeping throughout, Hisia's journey began by taking my pleasure of a scented candle & simply wanting to share the experience with others.  

Hisia candles & wax melts are hand poured, made in small batches, using soy wax. Get the Best Hand Poured Soy Candles in London, UK from Hisia that Rich in Fragrance, carefully designed & individually crafted to create welcoming atmospheres and awaken the senses with a harmonious blend of rich and indulging fragrances.

It maybe cliché but there really is love poured into each & every one!

- Founder, Hisia Soy Candles -